Podcast Ninja

From their website: We cover all aspects of podcasting in a simplified and entertaining way. Topics include SEO, monetization, affiliate marketing, recording equipment, interview techniques, engineering, hosting, and even how to start your own podcast from zero to launch.See podcastninja.net


The audio on this seemed almost not bad, but it was a little shaky, and the first few questions had nothing to do with podcasting. I don’t care where the guests lives, or where your father lives. We are here to talk strategies and podcasting. This doesn’t mean you don’t have “chit-chat” to warm up the guest, it just means you edit it out. I thought you guest sounded better than you did. You have a bit of room noise (for the record so do I). I’m just letting you know doing a podcast about podcasting, people will be brutal about your audio. Welcome to the party.

For the record, this is episode three, and maybe you’re new to this. 

Bonus 1

You need to update the website listing in Libsyn.com to show your true website podcastnija.net 

Bonus 2

Your audio format is 64 kbps stereo. Low is considered 64 kbps mono. 

Bonus 3

You have nothing about who you are on your site and in your podcast. Why should I listen to you? in your feed you’re listed as “Anthony R: Podcaster | Producer | Audio Engineer” 

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