Share a Slice With Sean

According to their website, “Sean Skypes with very interesting people in all different walks of life to learn new things. Sideshow performers, morticians, B-Movie stars, sex workers, UFO religions, comedians, feminist porn, E-humans… nudist comedians… you get the picture

I was amazed at this picture of someone letting racoons crawl all over them

Their website is


The intro kind of dragged on a bit (meaning the talking could’ve started sooner). Once the voice over came in, we were treated to more music. You get what you are promised. His guest was some very strange habits. He did an interesting intro, although I would’ve preferred a less “read” intro and a more conversational intro. 

The beginning of the interview should’ve been cut. This is super low hanging fruit, and why it was left in boggles my mind. He even at one point says, “Welcome to the show” that is where the interview should’ve started. From there he did a good job of steering the interview straight to the interesting stories. 

The audio quality was good,


There is no about page. When people come to your site, if they are not sure what is going on, they will check out the about page. You don’t have one.

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One thought on “Share a Slice With Sean

  1. Thanks that was service!

    I thought of cutting that chatter before the show a week AFTER release. I think I had some whacky reason of keeping it because she brings up her eating… something you actually never hear later on… or maybe I thought it was cute… I dunno… so why bother keeping it? Shoulda cut it thanks!

    All other points totally agreed with! Still not tight enough music wise.

    I’m keenly aware of the reading thing. It’s a confidence thing I’ll work on and really give it a go for the next episode! I gotta remember I can always edit it down later.

    I’ll recommend your service and will consider paying for the in depth service!!!

    Great job!

    Small point: McGuire pronounced Mic-gwire like Jerry MaGuire.


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